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Lifeline Malawi


To curb the pandemic, the Malawi government has reintroduced strict COVID-19 preventive measures. Restrictions include a ban on political rallies, no fans at stadiums for football games, no gatherings of more than 50 people, and a curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. The hunger situation continues to affect the southern part of the country in particular. We help when we can and thank the Lord for those who give so we can do this. Both Chikwawa and Nsanje are the districts which are in far south of Malawi. The districts are in the valley of the river known as Shire. The area being along the valley of the big river shire it is hot and dry. Each and every year the area faces challenges of hunger due to drought or floods. This year like last year people from this area will suffer with hunger due to drought. The first rains came in January instead of October/November and it wasn’t good rains so that people could plant their crops. It is a very sad situation that this time of the year when people should be enjoying their crops they are really starving. Maize which is the main staple food is now being sold at equivalent of £10 per 50kgs bag which is such a lot of money for folks.

Schools and colleges remain open with strict requirements set by the government. Please pray for young people in training colleges. There are 3 in teacher training, 4 at different stages of nursing training, 1 at university and 3 doing engineering. These 11 have each become followers of Jesus Christ.

Gospel Opportunities

The church has grown so much that Lapson has expanded the base of the church leadership into 5 main districts. This will relieve Lapson to spend more time teaching and doing outreaches. Lapson had an outreach recently to the north of the country for 6 days. The team he took with him did open air meetings and door to door visiting. He was able to meet with two churches recently birthed giving teaching. He was able to distribute Bibles to some folks. It was wonderful to hear 22 were born again and so thrilling to know 8 Moslems came to faith.

Lapson is planning another outreach in August/September. Teaching is needed in the churches in the north as there has been a lot of prosperity teaching. There is always a need for Bibles and thank God for the gifts we get from time to time to buy them. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could live without my Bible. I always remember the blind man, who told me that his braille Bible volumes were his food.

Thank you for your continued love and ongoing prayers. They are being answered, not just in many practical ways, but above all, as the lost, the last and the least are coming to know Jesus and taking up their cross to follow Him. BUT there are many people still who have never heard the good news of the gospel.

‘Every person of every nation, in each succeeding generation has the right to hear the news that Christ can save.’

Soul winning, like – life saving requires urgency, sacrifice, courage, focus – and prayer! So Please go on praying for Lapson and the ministry he has been entrusted with. You are part of something wonderful that the Lord is doing in transforming lives.

Source: Medical Missionary News

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